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I've been wanting to create some hair accessories for a while now since I wear my own hair up all day, every day - but it had to be the right one that suited me and my brand.. Here's what you need to kniow:


- Concealed Zip pocket - conviently store small items like money, a key, lip balm (pets snacks?!) and other precious items!

- Use in your hair or on your wrist as a bracelet

- Super versatile and broad appeal - great for younger kids who like to carry around their precious bits and bobs, for a teenager and adult with a spare house key, money, chewing gum… lip balm? The list of useful bits to put in this scrunchie's pocket is endless!


46 Stitch is a British brand creating unique, handmade items from fabric remnants. Limited quantities available to buy on our sustainable stock-market fabrics sourced in India; don't miss out!

Naya Concealed Zip Pocket Storage Scrunchie - Limited Edition

Coming Soon
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