We have turned our gorgeous, limited edition fabric remnants from Delhi in to this super versatile fabric belt! It has been designed to wear tied in to a bow at the front on trousers or jeans, but would look equally great wrapped around your waist on a dress - the possibilities are endless!


There is a thin layer of cotton between each printed layer to give this belt a little more stability, in order to create the most perfect looking bow!


We have added our brand label to the centre back, hand stitched down with little x-stitches - or 'kisses' as we call them ;-) Wear the brand label facing out with pride and share the '46 Stitch' love or turn it inside, if you can't bear to share your best kept secret!


46 Stitch is a British brand creating unique, handmade pieces from fabric remnants and in-stock fabrics. Limited quantity available; don't miss out!

LONG Length Tanya Cotton Fabric Belt