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This collar is what dreams are made of!


It has been handmade from a 100% cotton dobby spot lurex fabric remnant and left with raw edges which make this collar look not only super cool but also designer-esque!


The is a new shape with a little frilled edge to the neck and double layered but less gathered so that it sits flatter against the body - wear with the tie to the front or the back or try tucking the bottom layer in to your top or dress and get ready for everyone to ask you where you got your collar from!


This collar is perfect for the Christmas party season but equally good thereafter - treat it as you would a necklace and elevate your top or dress for work or for the bar! Do check out the cream version - Laura Lurex Tie collar.


46 Stitch is a British accessories brand creating unique, handmade pieces from fabric remnants . Limited quantity available to buy; don't miss out!

Becky Lurex Collar - Limited Edition

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